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Dank Mart Window Display

Making life-sized rare snacks props for the Dank Mart (Robson) window display as a visual merchandiser.



The VESPAK is a travel vest that reconstructs into a bag for an on-the-go tour lifestyle focusing on balance, comfort, and fashion for a rapper/ musician.

corona film poster web.jpg
Set Design

"Corona" Film Elevator Set Build

Hand-built and art directed the elevator set for "Corona" (2020), film by Mostafa Keshvari.


Article X Exuma Chair

This was a project in collaboration with Article, Vancouver. The Exuma chair brings the experience of outdoors to indoor, through the unique combination of materials.


Jelly Sack

An interactive portable hacky sack game made for indoor and outdoor play.


Tracktion Bin

An automated bin that allows users to think twice about the way they waste in their daily life with the help of wood and Arduino.

lotus animation.gif

Chaos Club Digital:
Black Lotus Stage Installation Concept

Black Lotus installation concept for local Vancouver rapper, Boslen.


Chaos Club Digital: Team Necklace

3D Printed silver pendants for team necklace for Chaos Club Digital.

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Laser Cutting

Chaos Club Digital: Acrylic Pendant

Laser cut 400 black lotuses out of black acrylic which could be turned into pendants or key rings. 

Miscellaneous CAD  

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