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Shopify Mobile Web Audit and Improvements

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JANUARY 2022 - AUGUST 2022





During my internship at Shopify, one of my first projects was conducting a mobile web audit of the Automations experience and finding short-term design solution to optimize the UI and UX.

Disclaimer: The process of shipping some of these changes is ongoing.*

Mobile Web Audit and Improvements 

Context :


- There is intent to move on to a mobile-first mission where Automations are fully functional on mobile web/native.

- For me to move forward, I completed an audit of the mobile experience in automations to see how can improve the current experience.

- I highlighted some problems with lo-fi solutions/fixes to start making small progress in improving our existing mobile experience.

Identifying Problem Spaces:


After conducting a mobile web audit and competitive analysis of all the problems with the current experience, I proceeded to outline and rank the problems on how much effort to impact they will make after the fix.

Primary problem space:


Merchants can find their way into the workflow editor, where we block the experience and tell them they need to switch to desktop. It's not great.

Current Experience:

- Since creation is not yet possible on mobile, merchants have the ability to “view” the workflow but it is a static image, it's not interactive, and cannot scroll on it.

- The UI padding and alignment need adjusting to look clean and intentional.

- Multiple bugs that can mislead merchants.

Outlining solutions:















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