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Kabo Fresh Food Internship: Recipe Page Redesign

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JANUARY 2021 - AUGUST 2021





From January 2021 to August 2021, I interned at Kabo Fresh Dog food, a fresh dog food subscription service as a Design intern. Working in a robust start-up environment, I wore multiple hats ranging from UXUI, social media, packaging assets and more. It cultivated ownership and accountability in me while learning to work fast and problem solve. 

Between May 2021- August 2021, I was placed as the sole designer on Monch Bar where I had autonomy on website designs, packaging, other brand assets and direction.


The objective was to create a recipe page to compile all the details of each fresh food recipe and kibble and have it look dynamic and user-friendly.

My responsibilities:

- Conducted comprehensive competitor research on other recipe pages and interactions.

- Created wireframes and a final prototype for the page

- Proof-read and made sure all copy and guaranteed analysis was accurate

- Created a page spec for developers with all images on Github and copy sheets.

Project Scope

Making an overall recipe page as a link to all our recipes, titled RECIPES or MEALS


Overall Summary

• Adding a link to our overall recipes is common and seems to be industry-standard

• To toggle between different recipes, each recipe appears in a drop-down menu

“Beef”, display copy on why beef is a healthier option for dogs, general information on where we source our beef, etc

“Key Ingredients”, display top human-grade ingredients to be displayed here, ingredients such as ground beef, russet potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and green peas. 

• Opportunity to display what Kabo currently displays on our website currently minus nutrients mix (Fresh ground beef, Russet potato, Sweet potato, Carrots, Red apples, Green peas, Beef liver, Green beans, Beef liver)

• Illustration of ingredients on the side (optional)

“Full Ingredients”, displayed as a link that is able to collapse and expand 

BY CATEGORY, the ingredients list is broken down by protein (animal, plant, herb, etc). Visually this is easier to read and digest as a customer who doesn’t frequent certain terminology.

• Helps narrow down where users should be looking if they’re looking for specific ingredients. 


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